Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co., Ltd is one of the most experienced pet treats manufacturers in China.The company also has grown to be one of the largest producer of dog&cat treats since its establishment in 1998 .It has staff of 2300 ,consists of 6 high standard processing workshops with capital assets of USD83 millions and export sales of USD67 millions in 2016. All the raw materials are used from the standard slaughter factories registered by CIQ.Also the company has its own 20 chicken farms,10 duck farms,2 chicken slaughter factories,3 duck slaughter factories. Now the products are exporting to US, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia etc.

1998:Founded in July 1998, mainly produce dry chicken snacks for the Japanese market.

1998:IS09001 quality system certified .

1999:HACCP food safety system certified.

2000:Shandong Luscious Pet Food Research Institute was established, which had three employees and invited experts at the Japan Pet Research Institute to serve as its advisers.

2001:The company’s second plant was completed and put into production,with an annual  production capacity of 2000MT.

2002:The registration of the trademark “Luscious”was approved, and the company began operating this brand in the domestic market.

2003:The company was registered with the U.S. FDA.

2004:The company became a member of APPA.

2005:EU food export registration.

2006:The company’s pet food cannery was built, primarily producing canned food, ham sausages and cat food products.

2007:The  trademark “Kingman”was registered, and Kingman products are very marketable in a number of cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

2008:Built its own laboratory, could test microorganisms, drug residues etc.

2009:UK BRC certified.

2010:The fourth factory has been established with 250000 square meters .

2011:Start the new production lines of Wet Food , Biscuit , Natural Bone .

2012:The Company won the industry top ten award of China.

2013 :Start the new production line of Dental Chew . At the same time the company upgrades and implements organized systems , marketing systems , service systems and ERP management system fully .

2014:The Canned Food Production Dep. equipped with the automatic filling machine and it makes the company to be the first one to hold it.

2015:Successfully listed on April 21,2015 .And the share has been named LUSCIOUS SHARE ,the code is 832419 

2016:New Pet Food Factory in Gansu started to build;Duck meal product project started, the workshop officially started production

2017:New Pet Food Factory in Gansu started production,production capacity of 18,000 tons per year。

2018:The company was registered with the IFS、BSCI,etc.

2019: Developed new cat biscuits products and obtained patends

2020: To be continued......