LSFD-70-FD Ice Cream

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Ingredients:Chicken 83.8%, milk powder 10%, fruit and vegetable powder 2%, fish oil 2%, apple dietary fiber 1%, glucose 1%, brewer’s yeast 0.2%

Nutrient content:Protein ≥45%, fat ≥12%, ash ≤8%, fiber ≤3.5%, moisture ≤8%

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Product name: Delicious and convenient cat and dog freeze-dried ice cream

 Product Description:

 Are you looking for delicious and nutritious treats for your furry friends? Look no further! Our Freeze Dried Ice Cream for Dogs and Cats is the perfect solution. Packed with flavor and health benefits, our unique products will leave your pet craving more.

 short introduction:

 Our freeze-dried ice cream is specially formulated for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes. It's used for a variety of purposes, including training, teething, keeping your hair looking shiny, and as a well-deserved reward. This delicious treat is nutritionally balanced to ensure optimal health for your beloved pet.


 1. Training Aid: Use our freeze-dried ice cream as positive reinforcement during training. The irresistible taste will motivate your pet to learn new commands and tricks.

 2. Grinding Support: Chewing on our freeze-dried ice cream helps scrape away tartar and plaque, promoting good oral hygiene and preventing dental problems.

 3. Healthy hair: Our products use scientific proportions to provide balanced nutrition and promote healthy skin and hair. Regular consumption will make hair soft, shiny and beautiful.

 4. Gastrointestinal Care: Our freeze-dried ice cream is gentle on the stomach and is suitable for pets with sensitive digestive systems. It aids digestion, reduces bloating, and improves nutrient absorption.


 1. Unique shape: Our freeze-dried ice cream has a cute shape that will delight you and your pets. The fun design adds an element of excitement to treat time.

 2. Variety of flavors: We provide a variety of flavors to meet different taste preferences. From savory to sweet, there's something for every pet. Explore our tasty options.

 3. NO ADDITIVES: Ensuring your pet's health and well-being is our top priority. That's why our freeze-dried ice cream contains no additives, preservatives or artificial colors. You can rest easy knowing your pet is getting the best treatment possible.

 4. Crispy taste: Our freeze-drying process retains the healthy taste of the raw materials and brings the crispy taste that pets love. The satisfying crunch will keep them coming back for more.

 5. Quick hydration: If you like to treat our freeze-dried ice cream as a whipped cream, just add a little water and it will hydrate quickly. This versatility allows you to accommodate your pet's preferences.


 1. Balanced nutrition: Our freeze-dried ice cream is formulated with scientifically proportioned essential nutrients. It provides a well-rounded diet that supports overall health and vitality.

 2. Hair and skin care: Carefully selected ingredients nourish the skin and promote lustrous hair. Consume regularly and your pet will look and feel its best.

 3. Digestive Support: The formula is gentle on the stomach and intestines, reducing the risk of indigestion. It also aids in nutrient absorption, ensuring your pet gets the most out of each meal.

 4. Convenient Size: Our freeze-dried ice cream is a good size, easy to carry and handle. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can provide your pet with their favorite treats anytime, anywhere.

 Invest in the health of your furry companions by introducing our delicious freeze-dried ice cream. With its unique shape, variety of flavors and numerous health benefits, it's a feel-good treat. Order today and witness the joy on your pet's face as they eat this delicious and nutritious treat.

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  • Shipping: Support Sea freight

    Material:Soft Chicken Strip Bulk Dog Food

    Packaging:OEM Printed Polybags and Our Brands


    Advantage:Our Own Farms and Slaughter Line

    Company Style:Manufacturer and Exporter,Provide OEM service

    Mainstream Market:US, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong,Southeast Asia etc.

    Strength:The First Listed Company in The Pet Food Industry

    Feature:Sustainable, Stocked, Ex-factory Price Pet Food

    Supply Ability:2000 Ton/Tons per Month Pet Food

    Packaging & Delivery :Usually Bulk Package Pet Food。We can also package as our client’s needs.


    Our Team:

    Production Director  MS Yang  working 11 years

    Quality Director  Ms Ma  Working 11 years

    Develop  Director Mr. Han Working 12years

    Domestic Sale Director Mr. Sun Working 13 years

    International Sale Director Ms. Sun Working 13 years

    Customer Service Director Ms. Wang Working 10 years


    TEAM:The factory has special qualified team of 50 employees working in each procedure of the production . Most of them has more than 10 years of experience in their work

    Material:All the raw material are from our own farm and the China Inspection and Quarantine registered plant。Each batch of material will be inspected after coming to the factory. To make sure the material we use are 100% natural and health.

    Production Inspection: The factory has metal detection ,moisture test, High temperature sterilization machine etc. to control the production safety

    Finished goods inspection: the factory has developed labouratory with gas chromatography and liquid chromatography machine also with all the machine used for checking of chemical residual and microorganisms.The process are checked and controlled from beginning to finished.

    The third party inspection: We also has long-term cooperation with the third party test  institution like SGS and PONY.This is to make sure the validity of all the result from our own lab

    The company has its own 20 chicken farms,10 duck farms,2 chicken slaughter factories,3 duck slaughter factories,1500 tons per day


    1.”We have to produce food by human safety and quality standards, because pets are our family, providing them with ease, healthy food, we are duty-bound mission!”

    2.After more than ten years, Luscious team unremitting efforts, our products have been recognized by the majority of those who loving pet. In all kinds of pet food, Luscious brands glorious bloom: “most popular products “, “Best Popular Products ”,” affect China’s Internet Pet Food Award “and so on.“Most popular by consumer,Best Popularity for products”

    Honor tells the strength of Luscious and conscience, and the determination to manufacture high-quality pet food.

    3.While we not only care about the health of the family pet, but also to convey a social enterprise big love pregnant.but also convery big love paregnant as a social enterprise.

    4.20th April , 2013 Lushan Ya’an, Sichuan 7.0 earthquake occurred, when note the groups of rescue dogs fighting in the disaster area day and night , we feel very sad and  want to do something for them. Soon, thousands of top cans and pet food  are deliveried to the relief line, and supply for human faithful partner. Do our modest for those little warriors who risking their own life!

    5.In luscious team heart, the small life who can not speak is worthy of respect and care, as a food production enterprise, we have the duty to convey the right pet values to consumers, to let them know how to choose the healthy and safe pet food, which we ascribe to the added value of the brand, is also the essence of Luscious products can be sold worldwide five continents.

    6.”We held the thematic activities be too numerous to enumerate every year, in additional to the introduction of our products, more is to the pet owners spread of food safety, nutrition knowledge, let them feel that as they love their pets.”

    From here ,luscious goes to  thousands of households, we pour the fear of love, a sunrise industry forward, into the life of the product, and like-minded people to create a brilliant career, quality is footstone for developing the vast market, is also the only proof that proof the confidence of Luscious .

    7.After twenty years of efforts, at present, the products of luscious are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and so on ,more than 90 countries, selling more than 100  large and medium-sized cities in domestic market , which covers more than 2000 large-scale chain stores, more than ten thousands pet stores, and work with Luscious together, win-win is not only the business, and also the development for China  pet industry contribution.”

    Impression of the company’s agents on the company:

    Xiang Xudong    Chengdu agents

        ”Luscious, what attracts me is not only the quality , but also its culture and connotation.”

    Zhou Jun   Beijing agent

    “To grow with Luscious is my pleasure, we have same ambition, we hand in hand”

    Yang Long   Zhenjiang agent
       ”Luscious, bring me not only the good products, but also the market development assistance and promotion.”

    Wang Zheng   Ji’nan agents
       ”First quality products, cooperation mechanism in human achievement, cooperation and win-win.”

    Wang Pingxi Kootie   Pet chain Group founder
    “China has many breast manufacturers, the first-class quality is Luscious, we have cooperated many years, trust each other ”

    Hao Bo  Shanghai agent
    “Luscious has the active and positive spirit, is worth our and the market’s trust.”

    Dong Qinghai   General Manager
      ”Luscious, is not only a brand, it is also the synonymous of health, safety, nutrition, I’m so proud for it .”


    1.OEM package .

    You can have your own label ,printed and packed by us.

    2.Custom products

    3.we have the Chinese Pet Food Research and Development   Center,cooperate with Japanese R&D Experts .

    4.High and steady product quality

    Start from 1998,have more than 20 years experience in the pet   food  production

    5.On time delivery

    6.Competitive price

    7.Special after sales service team


    1.introduction of luscious?

    Established in 1998,we are  manufacturer for  pet treats processing and sales. Now,we have 6 processing lines for dry jerky treats,biscuit,dental chews and wet food for dog and cat.Our biggest factory which have started from 2010, covers an area of 250,000m2

    2.How many workers in your company?


    3.How many management staff in your company?


    4.How many tons one year for your production capacity?

    50,000tons one year

    5.Where is your raw material from? 

    Most of the materials are from our own farms and small amounts come from other farms. All of our raw materials are from CIQ registered farms.

    6.What’s the kinds of your exporting products? The moisture is?

    There are 13 kinds. Chicken Jerky Series ,Duck Jerky Series, Beef Jerky Series, Lamb Jerky Series, Rabbit Jerky Series, Pork Jerky Series, Aquatic Product Series, Vitamin Series, Stick Series, Biscuit Series, Dental care Series, Canned Food Series, Cat Food Series .

     The moisture of the products is from 14% to 30% (not include the wet food).

    7.what is your products’package specifications ?

    According to the requirements of the clients, there are 20-50-70-80-100-200-300-500-1000g and so on.

    8.What is the shelf life of the products?

    18 months for jerky treats,biscuit,dental chews

     24 months for wet food

    9.Could you provide the Health Cer.with the shipment?

    Yes, we have been exporting to more than thirty countries and have more experience in the documents.

    10.Can you introduce your product processing?

    All raw materials are from CIQ registered farms to make sure the material is 100% health.

    Material testing –storage in refrigeration room– unfreezing–processing–drying–selecting the moisture—metal detecting–selecting the impurity–packing–storage.

    11.Which are your popular articles? 

    Different markets will be different, we will suggest according to your market.

    12.Your company can process canned products? What are the specifications?

    Yeah,we have the canned product workshop. Now manufacture 100g ,170g and 375g canned products.

     We also could check the different size according to customers’ needs.

    13.Can we have the own label for the food?

    Yes, it is ok.You can send us the artwork in .ai file and it will be printed here.Pls email us if you would like to get more details.

    14.How long can you deliver after receiving the orders?

    4 weeks after the confirmation of packages for one 20’container.

    15.What kinds of certification do you have?

    HACCP ,ISO9001, BRC ,BV, FDA also has get the EU registration with the NO.of 3700PF066.

    16.How can we get the offer?

    Pls review our product ranges and email us your interested articles with your package details to , We will quote the price for you within 24 hours. 


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