Little knowledge of pet rations


Nowadays, more and more people choose to keep a pet as a companion. Pets have also become a spiritual sustenance from a nursing home at the beginning. They play a very important role in people’s daily life and become a family member. An indispensable member. Nowadays, shit scavengers will find ways to serve them well, and will carefully select pets' rations. Next, the editor will teach you some knowledge about pet rations, quickly take the small bench and take notes!

Ingredients of pet food

There are many varieties on the market now, each of which has its own "secret recipe". Don't ignore the packaging bag. You can provide us with a lot of useful information on the packaging bag. You must first look at the specific ingredients on the packaging bag before buying. illustrate. The nutrients contained in pet food mainly include water, protein, minerals, and trace elements. However, the food ingredients of cats and dogs are different. Because cats like to eat meat, cat food must contain essential substances such as arachidonic acid and taurine. If cats are vegetarian, they cannot obtain these two substances from plants. Lead to malnutrition. Dogs can adapt to being vegetarian, so when buying pet food, be sure to see the ingredients and don't get confused.

Safety of pet food

At present, there is no unified standard for the quality and safety of pet food. This gives some unscrupulous businesses a great opportunity for opportunism, so that they blindly pursue the maximization of profits without professional ethics, plus the current purchase of pet food The way is generally in the pet food area of ​​the supermarket, pet shop or online shopping. Pet owners are more like buying food for themselves. These methods have never been managed and supervised according to the food, so that they have caused a large degree of blind spots, which is really irritating. Worrying.

The palatability of pet food

The palatability is also commonly known as taste. Pet food also has a good or bad taste. Pets are also picky about pet food. In fact, there are many factors that affect the taste. Let's analyze it from the perspective of the senses.


First, the smell of food, fat plays a very important role in the smell of food, the type and content of fat are different, the smell of volatilization is different.

Second, the taste of the food, the composition of the food, the source of the ingredient, the food preservation conditions, etc. are all objective factors that affect the palatability of the food.

Third, the size and shape of the food particles, the size and shape of the particles do not directly affect the smell and taste of the food, but the shape and size of the particles will affect the difficulty for pets to obtain food. The particles are too large and difficult to obtain. Small words will cause pets to swallow directly without chewing.

Recommendations for buying pet food

First of all, we have to observe the color of food. When buying food for pets, we should buy food that is light but not overly bright. You can also look at pet feces to judge food. If there is no abnormality in the feces, it means that the color of the food is natural. If the color of the feces changes, it means that the color of the food is artificial and should be stopped. Secondly, we can judge the quality of pet food by hand. If it is a dry food, a good food will not feel greasy when it feels dry. Poor food will feel moist and soft to the touch, and greasy to the touch.

Thirdly, we can judge the quality of food by smelling. There will be main raw materials on the food packaging. We can smell it with our nose. The good ones are easy to break. The meat is pure and has a natural smell. The bad ones are not. It is easy to break apart without the smell of meat, or the smell of pungent meat. Another way is to put the food you buy into a bowl filled with water and heat it in the microwave. Good food will smell very natural meaty, and bad food will smell pungent and even have peculiar smell. .

Finally, we must distinguish the freshness of pet food. When buying pet food, you must read the production date on the package. The production date cannot be determined by scattered claims. The color and hardness of the food must be carefully observed because pet food is not good. Store it in small quantities to ensure the freshness of pet food.

All in all, keeping pets has gradually become a popular new fashion nowadays. There are more and more families with pets, and more and more attention is paid to pets, and they are taken care of like their own children. The choice of pet rations is the first step to ensure the healthy growth of pets. As the saying goes, "Illness comes from the mouth." Therefore, learn more about pet rations, whether from the perspective of pets or from the perspective of the shoveling officer. All are beneficial and harmless.


Post time: Oct-11-2021